Adventure Tours

Stunning motorcycle tours and day rides on Royal Enfield’s exploring the Byron Bay Hinterland and beyond. Pure Riding.

Various tour formats to suit your budget and time

Let us take you to those hidden spots via breathtaking, throttle twisting, scenic hinterland and coastal tracks. Guided by locals, catered by foodies, experiences for everyone. Get your crew together or just come solo and meet fellow adventurers.

Half Day Blasts

3-4hrs ride time

E.g Ride, coffee, feast
*One way options to local ‘watering holes’

Day Tours

4-5hrs ride time

E.g Ride, coffee, dine, ride, brewery de-brief

2-3 Day Adventures

4-6hrs ride time per day

E.g Ride, camp, feast, surf, repeat

Special Experiences

Ride & Celebrate

Milestone birthdays
Anniversary rides
Experience gifts

Upcoming Adventure Tours

  • 2 Days/1 Night

    Himalayan Owners ADV | 20th-21st November 2021

  • 3 Days/2 Nights

    Royal Enfield~Land Rover ADV | 13th-15th August 2021


What people are saying

"It was an incredible day exploring the beautiful Byron Hinterland. Would certainly recommend it. Simply breathtaking!"

Camila MeyerDecember 2020

"18 years since I had been on a bike but the Himalayan was so easy to ride. The salt creek guys took us on a brilliant tour of the area around the Caldera that took in some awesome roads, views, and great food. It was a really well planned day. Would I recommend? Yes!"

Nick JeffreyJune 2020

"I've lived and surfed in this area for over 10 years and never knew of some of the places the boy's took us to. Such a stunning hinterland and coast...even better to explore on a motorbike! The organisation and catering over the weekend was top notch. Highly recommend jumping on an Enfield and one of their tours"

Troy RydenMarch 2021

Adventures Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I rent a bike and join a tour?

Yes! We have a rental fleet available especially for tours.

Can I bring my own bike on a tour?

Yes! And bring a few mates too. Pricing will be less than the full package inc bike.

Do you supply camping gear?

We have awesome Darche swags and some basic bedding if required but of course you should bring your own pillow, sleeping bag, blanket, toiletries etc. Each tour has a list of what we provide and what we recommend you pack. If in doubt – ask us.

How do I transport my sleeping gear?

Depending on the tour either our support vehicle has all your gear, or on shorter rides we strap on a swag and you bring your own small day pack and inflatable mattress & pillow.

Do I need to bring a backpack?

Yes – bring a large day pack. If it is not waterproof pack your gear inside in a plastic bag.

I am on my L or P plates, can I join a tour?

L PLATE: Yes, you can. We have a fleet of LAMS approved Royal Enfield Himalayans. Perfect for learners and experienced riders too. However we would prefer if you have at least 6mths of L plate riding under your belt for confidence sake. If you are feeling a bit ‘shaky’ on a bike it is probably best to book one of our future tours.

P PLATE: Of course! You have done the hard yards for a year or more, now it is time to get out there and explore with us!

How much ride time per day on a tour?

Depends on the tour, some days have more riding than others. We pack in riding and adventure time but your safety is of paramount importance therefore we hop off the bike and refresh often.

Can I bring my mobile phone on a tour?

Yes you can. But only for photos or if your family needs to contact you in an emergency.

If it’s glued to your ear around camp or pit stop’s you will be the focus of much ridicule 😉

Do you offer a group discount?

All pricing is per individual and there are no group discounts. If you bring a few mates we truly appreciate it…it makes for an even better tour!

Can you pick me up from Ballina Airport?

No problem, it’s just a 2 minute drive away! If you need accommodation for the night before or after a ride let us know, we can point you in the right direction.

Do I need an adventure bike for the tours?

We rent Royal Enfield Himalayan’s as they are built for all roads and no roads.

Can I ride on an International Bike License?

Yep. Just needs to be valid, legible, and we just need a copy of it before the tour kicks off.

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