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Care for your motorcycle by doing these 5 simple things

Care for your motorcycle by doing these 5 simple things

Firstly one of the most important questions is “should I spray my motorcycle in some sort of protectant post wash or when I am storing it?”

Some may say no but we say YES! We are lucky to live near the coast, but all that salt saturated air drifts in and around our homes and garages.

It is highly corrosive stuff and all that salty dampness sitting on and in and around your bike promotes electrolysis i.e. the process whereby an electric current is passed through a substance to effect a chemical change. This chemical change is one in which the substance loses or gains an electron (oxidation or reduction).

This means that your bike ages prematurely, oxidaises or rusts, the lights and instrument clusters start to play up or fail, and generally that sweet ride you bought only a year ago looks 10 years old.

Anything on your bike that is metal, has metal connections, different metal marriages, wiring, fuse and relay connections are all susceptible to this electrolysis…even without any voltage going through the circuitry when your bike is turned off. However most bikes these days have an ECU frequently running checks on your bike which draws a little current from the battery even when your bike is not running.

You may shrug and say ‘so what…I don’t live near the coast, I live 45mins inland’. But that salt laiden air is frequently pushed up to 50Km inland by the weather systems.

Care for your bike by doing these 5 simple things:

  1. After every ride – wash your bike down.  Even just a hose off rather than using bike wash will help. This will take 5mins max
  2. Regularly wash your bike with your preferred mild bike wash
  3. Dry off your bike either with a blower or preferably go for a quick lap or two around the block then let the air and sun do their thing
  4. DO NOT use a PVC unbreathable bike cover – this just traps salty moist air and feeds the electrolysis process! If covering your bike to keep off the dust use a soft sheet or breathable fabric cover
  5. After every wash give your bike the spa treatment and give it a spray in a protectant such as Wurth ULTRA 2040

What are the benefits of the protectant sprays such as Wurth ULTRA 2040?

Wurth ULTRA 2040 is a water displacing penetrant with Teflon (PTFE) for long term lubrication, and acts as the perfect barrier to that nasty salty air and also the harsh road chemicals that eat away at your bikes components. It’s water…displacing…penetrant…enough said.

Don’t worry when you start your bike up if you may see a little smoke – it burns off your hot engine components within a minute or two and will not damage them in any way.

Of course DO NOT spray on wheels, tyres, brake discs, pads or calipers, seat, or grips.

If you find this article just a little helpful then pop in for a chat and maybe some ULTRA 2040.

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